NDIS Planning: Violence in children with an intellectual disability

As the NDIS rolls out more nationally over the next couple of years, it is helpful for families to leverage resources and documentation that can help them in the planning process. In particular, articles that address some of the specific challenges that are characteristic of Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), can be invaluable when applying for specific funding, services or equipment. David Dossetor is an Australian child psychiatrist who has experience working with children diagnosed with SMS. He wrote the attached article which reflects on violence in children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Although SMS is not called out specifically in this paper, it should still prove valuable when going through the NDIS planning processes and/or looking for supporting documentation to warrant funding and access to Safe Beds/Rooms (e.g. SafeSpaces) or any other piece of equipment which may be classified as restrictive practice. The article can be referenced below:

Journal of Mental Health – Children w Intellectual Developmental Diabilities Vol7 Issue1 2016

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