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  • Diezel’s Story

    Diezel’s Story

    Diezel was diagnosed at the age of 1 and a half. Something just wasn’t right with him. Diezel still at…

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  • Elsie’s Storey

    Elsie’s Storey

    During one of my routine pregnancy ultrasounds they found fluid on Elsie's brain, I remember being so confused. When she…

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  • Tama’s Story

    Tama’s Story

    Tama was born at 41 weeks and after a long labour, Tama became distressed was born via emergency surgery. He…

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  • Damien’s Story

    Damien’s Story

    Damian was diagnosed at 19 months with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, after his mum realised things weren’t quite right. Damian barely slept…

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  • Savannah’s Story

    Savannah’s Story

    I had a wonderful pregnancy with little to no complications. Savannah arrived into the world 2 weeks late and after…

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