Diezel’s Story

Diezel was diagnosed at the age of 1 and a half. Something just wasn’t right with him. Diezel still at that age was like a new born baby, he wouldn’t sit up by himself, crawl or even hold up his own bottle. A lot of tests were done to try and work out what was wrong with him.
To finally have an answer was a good feeling but knowing the rest of his life will be harder than a “normal “child. Diezel now at the age of 4 has shown doctors and teachers that he is smarter than what they pegged him to be. The doctors said he wouldn’t walk - Now he walks everywhere. Teachers said he would never talk, but he signs and has a few words but Diezel has his own way to communicate to others.
Each day he will show everyone that being "normal" is just not as cool anymore. Diezel has to be the happiest boy. Each day he has new ways to make us laugh. Diezel's best friend is his sister Harmonii - they have the best time together. We wouldn’t want Diezel any other way. Life hasn’t been easy but we wouldn’t change it for the world. The support we have from everyone is amazing.

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